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Engineering Services


Engineering Services

Compuchem provides a full spectrum of services for the entire oil industry using state of the art tools.



• Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of chemical engineering processes – both steady state and
   dynamic – beneficial to chemical, petroleum and petrochemical industries
• Design & Engineering – Front End and detailed engineering design
• Linear Programming modeling for refineries and petrochemical plants
• Deputation of Experts for onshore/offshore oil/gas fields, refineries, petrochemical units, pipelines &
   network of petroleum marketing facilities
• Consultancy/Technical Back up Services
• HRD & Training services


Oil Upstream Sector

• Geological and Geophysical Surveys, Geochemical Studies, Biostratigraphic Analysis
• Basin Evaluation, Techno Economic Analysis, Prospect Analysis
• Formation Evaluation, Reservoir Modeling
• Drilling of Wildcat, Exploratory and Development Wells
• Open Hole, Cased-hole and Production Logging
• Design, Erection and Maintenance of Oil & Gas Production Installations
• Artificial Lift Design and Down-Hole Completion System
• Repair and Rehabilitation of sick wells
• Erection and Maintenance of Gas Sweetening Plants
• Corrosion Studies in Offshore Structures
• Engineering and Construction of Offshore Platforms and Pipe Lines


Oil Downstream Sector

• Design/Detailed Engineering, Construction and Commissioning of Refineries, Petrochemical Plants,
   Crude and Product Pipelines and Offshore Piping
• Commissioning/startup & Operation Services for Refinery Process Plants
• Petrochemical Plants, Utilities, Effluent treatment, Bio-treaters
• Maintenance and Inspection Services, including Corrosion protection
• Environmental Engineering Services
• Energy Conservation
• Risk Analysis/Safety Audit


Operation and Maintenance of Refineries

Compuchem Consultants can take up Total Facility Management of existing or new refineries or petrochemical plants, practically anywhere in the world.