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Linear Programming Modeling


Linear Programming Modeling System

This system, with built in multi-time period, multi-plant modeling capability, is particularly well suited for long, medium and short term planning. It is one of the most widely used, heavy duty, LP planning system in the world and is readily able to solve the needs of this function as well as long range monthly planning in the HQ office. Utilizes the latest in object-oriented Relational Database Modeling Technology.




• General Refinery Optimization
• Crude Oil Evaluation / Allocation
• Feedstock Evaluation
• Performance Evaluations
• Purchase / Sale / Trade Analysis
• New Facilities Analysis
• Debottlenecking Analysis
• Unit Severity Decisions (Reformer, FCC, etc)
• Transportation Analysis Between Plants
• Supply Allocation from Several Sources and to Several Uses
• Inventory Planning Analysis
• Optimize Blending
• Distribution Optimization


Modeling Functionality


The system can model Refineries and Petrochemical Plants of any size and complexity and can use different modeling techniques such as delta-based modeling, extreme-point modeling, quality-based modeling, distributive recursion, multi refinery modeling, multi period modeling, combined multi period/multi refinery modeling (not available in most other systems), and more.  Hundreds of transportation links of different types such as rail, ship, pipeline and multiples of each can be modeled.  There is no significant model row limit, process unit limit, or product limit. Choice of Optimizer is available from a list of well known optimizers.