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Scheduling System


Scheduling System

Provides a unified approach to scheduling crude supply, refinery operations, product blending, and refinery product distribution. Any one or any combination of these can be provided.


The software consists of a number of modules which can be assembled and configured to meet the specific scheduling situations of a user.


Every scheduling situation has unique and individual aspects. The approach allows these to be handled from developed software modules and thereby avoid the costs, delays and risks of custom development. Where a new requirement is encountered, it is met by adding small extensions to existing software modules.


The modules can be assembled to have a particular focus which corresponds to the way many companies organize their scheduling responsibilities. These include:


• Long Range Crude Supply Scheduling
• Crude Supply Scheduling
• Refinery Operations Scheduling
• Product Blending and Scheduling
• Product Distribution via Regional Transportation System


The software is designed to integrate scheduling with other modules of crude data management and with planning. These three provide a single, unified, connected system in which any one or any combination can be used. All can be connected to spreadsheets or external databases such as Access, Oracle, Sybase.