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Compuchem Consultants specializes in providing proven, industry leading, software tools for the refinery, petrochemical and other process industries. 

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Optimization of Operations

We offer a unique, well proven and time tested technology for improvement and optimization of operations. Our technology can achieve this without any modification to the existing equipment or control system by adjusting the operating parameters. The technology was developed originally at Proctor & Gamble and is considered to be a step ahead of neural networks.

Compuchem Consultants guarantees that our customers obtain a return on their investment in our technology in less than one year, and aim to provide - on the average - 500% ROI.

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Refinery & Petrochemical Systems

Linear Programming Modeling System for Production Planning. Logistics and Supply chain management, technology evaluation, sizing of plant units and feedstock evaluation.   more info
Refinery Technology Database to work in conjunction with the above LP modeling system.   more info
Crude Assay Management System. This system can process and manage all major crude oil properties and blending characteristics.   more info
Scheduling System provides a unified approach to scheduling crude supply, refinery operations, product blending, and refinery product distribution   more info
Advanced Tool for Optimized Gasoline Production automatically generate schedules with your guidelines   more info
Supply Chain Management– brings together into a unified whole crude supply, refining, product blending and product distribution   more info

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Plant Explorer

Plant Explorer (PE) is a value-added information resource for an operating plant, where integrated, equipment-centric information on drawings, data sheets, vendor data and procedure manuals are maintained centrally in electronic form on a suitable computing environment.

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